Belmont Church has been a part of the Broad Rock community since 1956. For more than fifty years, we have sought to love God and love our neighbors in everything we are and do.

God has built us up with a reputation for being a place where people can find a warm welcome, ongoing support, and special help in times of need.

Our life revolves around vital worship, Christian love, and a heart to be spiritual friends with all children of God.

Our Mission Statement

We are a family of Christ called to be a vital center for community ministry where people of all races can find passion for Christ and compassion for others.

Sunday morning schedule:

  • Early Seekers Worship Service: 9 am
  • Sunday School: 10 am
  • Traditional Worship Service: 11 am
  • Hispanic Sunday School: 1 pm
  • Hispanic Worship Service:  2 pm
Upcoming Events